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We went to some of the top industry professionals in our network and asked them what unique insights they had on 2022 and how that will impact the future of crypto.
There is something in here for everybody, and its broad range of topics can help you with what direction you want to take your portfolio in this year.
Inside, you’ll find everything from macro trends to the Metaverse going mainstream to institutional flows to the fine points of Bitcoin mining.
This magazine includes
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Exclusive Interview with Top       Mind in finance, Business, and Trading

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With more than 100 aggregate years of traditional finance experience, as well as professionals who have been in crypto since its inception, the SDM team has a strong legacy of expertise to share.
This is one of the ways we continue to deliver an edge to our clients.
Our network is constantly feeding us industry insights and helping to forge new partnerships that get you better access to high-end services in the world of crypto.
In our Market Outlook 2023, our team continues to share urgent market information you likely *won’t* hear from the mainstream media.
In the 2022 edition, we were lucky enough to put a lot of (correct) predictions in print, like….
Coinbase’s NFT platform being a minor flop
The impending success of the Metaverse in 2022 and beyond
Cryoto’s continued shift to the geographic East
A strong layer 1 narrative until the ETH Merge
Reasons to short *aggressively* if Bitcoin broke under $41,500
4 huge DeFi narratives (and the 2 we (correctly) thought would disappear
This year, we spoke to some of the most sought-after experts in the space, such as…
Angus McRitchie, Hedge Fund Manager, on 2022 macro and main themes for 2023. Spencer Marr, President and Founder of Sangha Systems with predictions about the hash rate, cost of power, and general Bitcoin mining dynamics
Taras Kulyk, Founder of SunnySide Digital, on the macro trends affecting the future of Bitcoin mining.

Matt Zanardo, VP Strategy at Metaverse Group, Institutional Adoption of the Virtual World.

Tali Friedman, Creative Director at NFT BAZL, on why NFTs will need to be rebranded in 2023.

NFT Investor Evan Luthra on big losses in 2022 and the big gains he thinks are coming in 2023.

An anonymous trader who finds unique arbitrage opportunities for profit on-chain.

Adam Button, Chief Currency Strategist at Forex Live, who has a unique take on yields, the Bank of Japan, and the European Central Bank’s plans for 2023.

Jorrin Bruns, Polkadot Integration Specialist, for comments on what to watch in this exciting ecosystem.

Toufic Adlouni, Managing Director of Renno&Co, commenting on the financial and legal ramifications of the ETH Merge.

Joaquim Miro, our Chief Growth Officer, commenting on the 6 trends that we think will dominate in 2023.

And more briefs on DeFi hacks, stablecoin regulation, and everything else that will affect the crypto landscape in 2023.

This is everything you would need to know about 2022 to go into 2023 with your finger on the pulse.

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Crypto is an onslaught of information. We cut through the junk to find you the narratives worth paying attention to in 2023.

Not everyone is going to read the whole thing. Our magazine is easily browsable and categorized for your specific interests.
If you’re ready to dive deep into the most current news… The industry’s hottest names… The news and geopolitics that matter to the market… The trends picking up steam… And the chatter we’re hearing from our network of insiders.
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