Who Takes Ethereum
March 26, 2022

There is a consistent push towards the global adoption of cryptocurrencies, and for this to be the case, cryptocurrencies need to find a way through which they can bring real-world utility. This essentially means that they need to be accepted as a payment method in many locations, who will take Ethereum tokens as a form of payment.

This drive will ultimately push cryptocurrencies to new grounds and will prove to be the foundation of the future.

Ethereum is the second-largest cryptocurrency token in terms of market capitalization, and as such, it is no wonder that there are multiple merchant options out there who takes Ethereum as a payment method.

Who takes Ethereum

With the rise of decentralized applications (dApps), non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and decentralized finance (DeFi) as a whole, there have been numerous protocols out there specifically developed as a means of getting Ethereum to as many people and services as possible through creative ways.

Due to this, it is easy to see why the Ethereum network has the highest chances of inevitably becoming the largest cryptocurrency to see mainstream adoptions. Whether or not Ethereum actually becomes the primary way to pay for things in the future, people are already using a multitude of applications in order to put their crypto to good use.

So if you are asking yourself, should i invest in Ethereum or Litecoin, this could shape your decision.

In order for a transaction on the Ethereum blockchain to occur, two wallets need to essentially connect.

The sender would send their cryptocurrency to the public wallet address to the receiver. What this essentially means is that both parties, in this case, need to be a part of the blockchain network in order to make this system work.

You can learn about Counterparty vs Ethereum here.

Luckily, there have been numerous merchants, retailers, services, and even card options out there made regularly available, and we are about to go over some of them. Note that this is an always-expanding list, so there may be a lot more options in the future not discussed here.

  1. Merchants That Take Ethereum

As of 2022, there is a large number of merchants that genuinely have implemented Ethereum as a payment method, mostly due to the ease with which transactions can occur within it.

Some of the most notable ones include:

  • Travala – Travala is a service that has a native application developed for it, and within this application, any user can actually use Ethereum as a means of paying for their trips.
  • – this is a flight aggregator which allows all of its users to conduct payments through the utilization of Ethereum’s native cryptocurrency token, ETH.
  • Cryptoholic – this is a store that essentially lets users pay for sweaters, phone cases, bags, jewelry, or anything else they might be interested in through the utilization of a decentralized payment method.
  • – this is essentially a website where freelancers can essentially get paid in the form of Ethereum for providing their services to any clients they connect with through the utilization of the platform.
  • Cryptokitties – this is truly one of the first blockchain-based games to both utilize NFTs and the Ethereum blockchain as a means of buying and selling the in-game assets. It fundamentally shaped the perception around NFTs, which were minted on top of the Ethereum blockchain.
  • Amazon – through the utilization of Bitpay, many users of Amazon can actually pay for the goods they order on there through the utilization of Ethereum’s native cryptocurrency token.
  • Natural Pet Shop – as the name might imply, this is essentially a pet store that accepts Ethereum (ETH) cryptocurrency tokens as a means of changing how people perceive pet products.
  • Bono Shop – this is an Italian Jewelry shop that provides rings, necklaces, bracelets as well as any other jewelry, which has made cryptocurrency enthusiasts interested in it due to the fact that it started accepting ETH tokens as a payment method.
  1. Retailers and Services That Accept Ethereum

Note that the aforementioned options aren’t the only ones that have genuinely implemented Ethereum as a cryptocurrency payment option. In fact, there are many others, and we’ll go over some of them here:

  • – this is a virtual private network (VPN) hosting service where its users can pay through the usage of ETH cryptocurrencies.
  • Amagi Metals – this is essentially a store where users can buy gold or silver through the utilization of Ethereum (ETH) tokens.
  • – this is a world-class website hosting platform that has over 29 million users across 178 countries and provides domains, SSL certificates, website design services, and a lot more, all of which can be paid for through the usage of Ethereum tokens.
  1. Using Ethereum to Pay Through the usage Of Crypto Debit Cards

Alongside all of the retailers that accept Ethereum, users can also get a Visa or Mastercard crypto payments card which is directly linked to an online exchange platform and converts crypto holdings into FIAT currency as a means for paying for things almost anywhere.

Due to the fact that crypto is generally still a new industry, there are also discounts for customers that use debit cards.

Here, you can use the following cards:

  • Card
  • Binance Card
  • Nuri Card
  • Bitpanda Card

Each card is linked to an exchange where you have an account balance, so as long as you have the proper number of cryptocurrencies on your account balance, you can use the card to conduct purchases.

Payment Currency of The Future

Hopefully, now you have a heightened perspective as to exactly who takes Ethereum and how much global acceptance cryptocurrencies already have. If you are curious and want to trade Ethereum, you can do so here.

Ethereum is by far one of the most used blockchain networks, and as such, it has seen a high level of implementation across a variety of different merchants and exchanges.

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