August 1, 2023

Markets Insights

Next FOMC meeting: Sept 20th 2023.

  • Probability of a 0bps hike → 80%
  • Probability of a 25bps hike → 20%

The News Room

Tether Excess Reserves increase by $850M to reach $3.3B, revealing Energy-Related Investments and $72.5B overall exposure in US T-Bills

Tether Holdings Limited has released its Q2 2023 assurance opinion carried out by BDO, a top five-ranked global independent public accounting firm. The attestation confirms the accuracy of Tether's Consolidated Reserves Report (CRR), which provides insight into the assets held as of June 30, 2023.

For the first time, the report outlines Tether's indirect exposure to US Treasuries via Money Market Funds and exposure to US Treasuries collateralizing its Overnight Repo. The CRR revealed an increase in excess reserves of around $850M, taking the total to approximately $3.3B, emphasizing Tether's stability. The report also disclosed a $115M USD share buyback and investments in energy-related initiatives.

Tether's Q2 operational profits exceeded $1B, a 30% increase from the previous quarter. Furthermore, Tether disclosed it holds about $72.5B in Treasuries backing its stablecoins. The CRR, along with BDO's attestation, confirmed that Tether's consolidated assets surpassed its consolidated liabilities.

Traders Short on Curve's CRV Amid Fears of Founder's Loan Liquidation

Decentralized exchange Curve's token, CRV, continues to slide as traders bet on a price decline amid fears of a potential liquidation of founder Michael Egorov's massive crypto borrowings of ~$100M. Egorov has borrowed significantly against his CRV holdings, and the devaluation of the token threatens these positions, potentially leading to a destabilization of Curve and the wider crypto market. CRV's value dropped to its lowest since November 2022, and traders have increased their short positions in anticipation of further declines. If Egorov's borrowed positions are liquidated, the resulting sell-off could inject volatility into the broader market.

Shanghai Unveils Plan for Urban Blockchain Infrastructure Development 2023-2025

The Chinese city of Shanghai has announced an implementation plan to develop its urban blockchain digital infrastructure system between 2023 and 2025. This initiative is part of Shanghai's strategic goal for digital transformation and will further enhance the application of blockchain in the economy, public services, and urban governance.

The infrastructure system aims to support municipal affairs, public services, and industry applications, and assist in coordinating blockchain network resources in China's Yangtze River Delta region. This plan forms part of China's broader efforts to incorporate emerging technologies in various cities, including initiatives such as the deployment of the digital yuan across multiple cities and the introduction of the China Metaverse Technology and Application Innovation Platform in Nanjing.

Trading Desk Insights

The S&P 500 fell to start August as investors navigated a flood of corporate earnings reports as well as a few negative economic reports. Looking at a daily chart of the S&P500 futures, we notice some bearish divergence as prices recently made higher highs while the RSI has posted a lower high, indicating potential trend exhaustion. If prices manage to break below 4560, we expect further downside towards 4500 level which should act as key support in the short term.

Bitcoin went for a dive overnight and traded lower by 3% from 29,350 to a session low of 28,480. The market keeps posting lower highs and lower lows, a clear indication of a downtrend. As long as this persists, it seems to be a good strategy to short the rallies. Every time the RSI gets close from this declining trend line, the market reverses and trends lower, which means it’s an important indicator to follow. For now, the ultimate trend reversal indicator would be the 20-day moving average located near 29,900.

A federal judge in New York rejected the Ripple ruling distinction in the SEC’s case against Terraform Labs and founder Do Kwon. The SEC first filed a suit against Terraform Labs and its founder, Do Kwon, on Feb. 16, alleging them of “orchestrating a multi-billion dollar crypto asset securities fraud." This decision muddies the regulatory outlook for digital assets and now increases the likelihood for the SEC to appeal the Ripple decision.

In other news, the stablecoin issuer Tether reported an increase in its excess reserves of $850M, bringing its total excess reserves to approximately $3.3B at the end of Q2. The overcollateralization brings strength and confidence to the whole system. 85% of its investments are held in cash and cash equivalents while the amount of Treasuries backing Tether’s stablecoins is about $72.5B.

Economic Calendar:


  • ISM manufacturing PMI
  • JOLTS job openings
  • Earnings → AMD & MicroStrategy


  • ADP non-farm employment
  • Earnings → PayPal & Robinhood


  • BOE decision
  • US unemployment + ISM services PMI
  • Earnings → Amazon, Apple, Block & Coinbase


  • US Non-farm payrolls + unemployment

Technical Charts

Altcoins - Binance Coin (BNB)

Binance Coin has witnessed a lot of pressure lately due to the flow of negative news surrounding the Binance exchange which is why BNB has faced a lot of shorting activity in recent weeks. As of July 25, 2023, the total amount of BNB shorts is over $1 billion, which is equivalent to about 10% of the total BNB supply.

Looking at the daily chart, we noticed a bottom pattern taking shape right now with prices ranging between 220 and 260 with most action between 235 and 260. If prices manage to break above 260, we can expect further upside towards 275 and potentially 300.


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